The 30th Biological Mass Spectrometry Conference

Auspices: The Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan
Joint Auspices: The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Japanese Biochemical Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
Date: July 6 - 9, 2003
LOCATION : The Westin Awaji Island /
Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center,
Awaji Island, Hyogo, JAPAN
TOPICS : Life Sciences Through Mass Spectrometry;
Focused on MS-informatics, bioinformatics, and Pharmacokinetics
Keynote Lecture: Kazuo Oike (Kyoto University)
Special Lecture: Koichi Tanaka (Shimadzu Corporation)
Program Details
Registration Fee :
  Member of MSSJ       ¥45,000  
  Non Member   ¥55,000  
  Student   ¥30,000  
(including registration fee, hotel charges and banquet fee)
Registration : On-line registration
The acceptance has been closed because the number limit of person is reached.
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