The 66th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Japan (2018, Osaka)

(Joint Conference by Japanese Proteomics Society 2018 Conference)
Dates: May 15(Tue) - 18(Fri), 2018
Venue: Hotel Hankyu Expo Park

The 41st Mass Spectrometry Workshops [in Japanese]

Dates: June 22(Thu) - 23(Fri), 2017
Venue: Osaka(Osaka University), Sapporo(Web Relay), Fukuoka(Web Relay)

The 147th Kanto-area Colloquium

Dates: January 11(Thu), 2018
Venue: Thermo Fisher Scientific K.K. Bruker Daltonics K.K.

Material Science division The 2nd Seminar for practical material analysis

Dates: January 24(Web), 2018
Venue: JEOL Ltd. Tokyo Office

The 22nd Hokkaido-area Colloquium / Lecture Meeting [in Japanese]

Dates: February 9(Fri), 2018
Venue: Asahikawa Medical University

The 160th Kansai-area Colloquium [in Japanese]

Dates: December 10(Sat), 2018
Venue: Kyoto Ranzan

The 45th Biological Mass Spectrometry Conference [in Japanese]

Dates: July 4(Wed) - 6(Fri), 2018
Venue: Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel IWANUMA RESORT

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