The Mass Spectrometry society of Japan - The 68th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Japan

Best Presentation Award

Award name
Best Presentation Award at the 70th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry
Outline of the award
The organizing committee of the 70th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry awards young scientists that deliver outstanding presentations during the conference. Applicants should be MSSJ members under 35 years old as of April 1, 2022. The first-place winners will be asked to submit an Extended Abstract to Journal of the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan. Since evaluation is carried out for the poster presentation, oral presenters also need to prepare poster presentation.
Evaluation criteria
Presentations applied to this award will be reviewed by the judges based on the quality of the research, and the content of the presentation as shown below.
  1. Originality and future potential of the research (50%)
    Was the novelty and originality of the research purpose clearly stated?
    Was the usefulness and future potential of the results clearly discussed?
    Was interpretation of results scientific, logical and suggestive?
  2. Organization, clarity and accuracy of the presentation (50%)
    Was the poster well organized for attendees to understand the points without explanation?
    Was the size of text, figures and tables appropriate?
    Was the amount of information appropriate?
    Were the technical terms accurately used?
    Was the explanation briefly and clearly presented?
    Were the answers to questions concise and accurate?
    Were there any considerations to audiences other than the questioner?
Award ceremony
The award winners will be announced at the award ceremony that will be held from 16:50 on 24 June at Room A.